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cashpresso does not charge overhead or maintenance fees. If you sign up but do not use your account, you will not pay anything. All we charge is an interest rate of 14.99% of the amount of money you actually borrow. And, it is the same for everyone.

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With cashpresso your overdraft is always at your fingertips.

No matter if you want to transfer money, change your repayment schedule or invite your friends to cashpresso – all you need is your smartphone. Download our app – available for Apple and Android – and access cashpresso.

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Transfer money to any SEPA-account.

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When you borrow money with cashpresso, we give you the possibility to repay according to your personal wishes.

Every month, you need to pay a minimum of just 5% of the money you borrowed. If you wish to pay more than that, please do so. If you wish to schedule your monthly payments yourself, please do so. And if you change your mind about about any of it, you can easily adjust amounts and schedules of repayments anytime for free.

Repaying early is always a possibility. Of course, without any extra charges or fees.


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About cashpresso

cashpresso works like the overdraft on your bank account. Once registered, you have access to as much as € 1,500.00 and there are no fixed costs or fees. We only charge an interest rate of 14.99% on the amount you actually borrow. There are various repayment models. Just try cashpresso – the first 30 days are completely free.