Rates and term

Rates and terms

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Each service has a price. No service – no costs.

Your account with cashpresso is always free of charge. Transferring and repaying money as well as receiving reminders will never result in any fees. All you need to pay is an interest rate of 14.99% of the amount of money you actually borrow. Nothing more.


Administrative charge



Opening an account

no charge


Maintenance fee



SEPA transfers

no charge


Changing a repayment

no charge


Early repayment

no charge

Rates & terms of cashpresso

With your cashpresso overdraft you have access to as much as € 1,500.00. We charge an interest rate of 14.99% on the amount you actually borrow. The term of your contract is unlimited with the option to terminate at any time. The minimum repayment every month is 5% of the outstanding amount, but at least € 20.00.


Line of credit

€ 1,500.00

due date

Payment due date

monthly (amount set by customer)


Terms of contract

unlimited (option to terminate at any time)


Minimal Repayment per months

5% of outstanding amount (at least € 20.00)


Interest Rate

13.99% per year



14.99% per year

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Fair, if something goes wrong

If you happen to miss your monthly payment, you will receive a text message and reminder free of charge 5 days after due date. This reminder leaves you with seven more days to make the pending payment. If we do not receive the money on time, we will send you another text message and a second late notice free of charge 15 days after due date. This reminder leaves you again with seven more days to make the pending payment.

Please get in touch with us, if you can’t make the payment on time. We really want to avoid any legal actions. We are convinced that we will find a solution together.


First and second late notice

no charge

payment reminder

Rejected debit

€ 0.00

Flexible repayment schedule, adjust at any time

Repay the outstanding amount according to your own wishes. The best part is: You do not need to commit to just one option. With your cashpresso account, you have the possibility to switch between several different options and even make additional payments – anytime, without extra fees or charges.

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Select rate and calculate run time

Use our cashpresso credit calculator and see how the duration and interest rates change with the different repayment options. On the left you can choose the amount of your loan. On the right you can adjust the amount of your installments individually and then you can check how much interest you have to pay and how much the total amount is.

{{amount | currency:'EUR':true:'1.0'}}
€ 20.00
€ 1,500.00
{{paybackRate | currency:'EUR':true:'1.0'}}
Min. info
info {{amount | currency:'EUR':true:'1.0'}}
€ 0
Fixed costs
Effective interest
{{paymentPlan?.duration}} Months
{{paymentPlan?.totalAmount | currency:'EUR':true:'1.2-2'}}
Total Amount
{{paymentPlan?.getInterestAmount() | currency:'EUR':true:'1.2-2'}}
Total Interest
Example: € 1,000 disbursement amount, 14.99% effective interest rate p.a., 13.99% interest rate p.a., monthly rate € 100, total amount € 1.032,46, term 11 months

The options of repayment in detail

Here you can find the various repayment options listed and described. The best thing is, you can switch between the different options at any time in your cashpresso account.

  • Minimal repayment per months 5% of outstanding amount, at least € 20.00

    If you want to pay as small installments as possible, then choose the repayment based on the minimum rate. Your rate is calculated each month, always from the current amount, but never falls below € 20.00. If you want to pay back, you can do this at any time without additional costs. A change from the minimum rate to a higher rate is of course possible at any time free of charge.

  • Wish rate: determine the rate of your rate

    If you’re willing to pay back, you can decide for yourself: both the amount of the rate and the day when the rate is debited from your account, simply go to your cashpresso account. However, the desired rate may not be less than the minimum rate. Of course, you have the possibility to change the selected installment rate or change to the minimum rate at any time. You can always pay additional amounts without additional costs.

  • Balance account: transfer the current amount at once

    At cashpresso, you can balance your account at any time by repaying the entire open amount. Once you select the option to balance the account, you have 14 days to transfer the amount. As soon as the amount is reached, you can access the whole frame at any time.

  • Payments: pay back at any time, at no extra cost

    If you would like to pay a portion of the outstanding amount in addition to the monthly rate, you can do so at any time. A fee does not apply. You do not need to inform cashpresso in advance about the partial payment. As soon as the amount reaches us, it will automatically be credited to your cashpresso account.

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About cashpresso

cashpresso works like the overdraft on your bank account. Once registered, you have access to as much as € 1,500.00 and there are no fixed costs or fees. We only charge an interest rate of 14.99% on the amount you actually borrow. There are various repayment models. Just try cashpresso – the first 30 days are completely free.