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Your cashpresso overdraft Completely online. Especially flexible. Clear and simple.

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Your cashpresso overdraft – clear and simple 

The cashpresso overdraft works as simply as the overdraft in your bank account and is just as flexible. You have € 1,500.00 available and can pay out the amount you want when you want. As long as you don’t pay out any money, there are no costs. From your bank account, you are doing all payments such as rent, insurance and much more. It can quickly become unclear and also happen that you come to the red. With the overdraft of cashpresso, which is independent of the bank account, you can make payments consciously and remain in your bank account.

cashpresso overdraft

€ 1,500.00 overdraft
The amount of the cashpresso overdraft ist limited to € 1,500.00. Take out the full amount all at once or little by little.
cashpresso overdraft account
Your account has similar functions as your bank account, where you choose how much money you transfer when and where to.
Immediate money transfer
The complete process of signing up can be done out of the comfort of your home – within 10 minutes and 100% online. Access the amount you require at the touch of a button.
Account free of charge
There are no additional fees for account opening, bookkeeping or any other extra costs. SEPA bank transfers are as well for free.
14.99% interest rate
All we charge is an interest rate of 14.99% of the amount of money you actually borrow. And, it is the same for everyone.
There is an app for that
Download our app – available for Apple and Android and access cashpresso. Anywhere and anytime.

Give it a try – interest-free for the first 30 days

We will not charge you any interest after you borrow money from us for the first time if you repay the full amount within 30 days. That way, you will get to know cashpresso – for free. The interest-free period starts the day our contract is signed.

Open your account

  • Completely online within only 10 minutes

    In order to sign up with cashpresso, all we need is for you to give some personal information and confirm your identity during a short video call. This requires nothing more than your identification card, internet access and a webcam. You will sign the contract using qualified electronic signature. Assign a password to your account and confirm your signature with the TAN you will receive via text message. The complete process of signing up can be done out of the comfort of your home – within 10 minutes.

  • Simple sign up – no income information or bank statement required

    Signing up with cashpresso is simple. You do not need to provide any information about your income or banking account and you do not need to print out or scan in any paperwork. In order to be approved for cashpresso, your credit score is relevant, not your income. While signing up, you agree that we check your credit score with an external credit agency. Based on that information we decide if we activate your cashpresso account or not.

Minimum payment every month – you decide everything else

If you borrow money, you will have to repay it. Every month, you need to repay 5% of the amount you borrowed (at least € 20.00). Besides that, you decide your repayment process. You set the date and the amount. If you wish to change your repayment schedule, log in to your cashpresso account and adjust it anytime you want. You always have the possibility to make additional payments or to even settle your account all at once – without any extra fees or charges.

Payment due datemonthly
Amount of repaymentflexible
Due dateflexible
Minimum repayment per months5% of the amount you borrowed, at least € 20.00
Additional paymentsanytime for free
Settle account all at onceanytime for free

Invite your friends – extend your line of credit

Log in to your cashpresso account and invite your friends to give cashpresso a try. To say thank you, we will extend your line of credit by € 50 for every friend that follows your invitation. This way, you will have access to up to € 250 more.

More features


List of transactions

You will always be able to keep track of money borrowed and repaid.


Terminate at any time

Terminate our contract with just one click in your cashpresso account.


Customer service

Contact our customer service directly via your cashpresso account.


Simple to use – security comes first

When we designed cashpresso, we did not only focus on usability but also on security. Every money transfer must be confirmed by entering a TAN. This TAN is sent to your mobile phone via text message and is only valid for 5 minutes. Also, the cashpresso app has built-in security features. If your smartphone includes a fingerprint sensor you can use it to log into your cashpresso account. If not, you log in entering your username or your email address and your password. If you are inactive for 5 minutes our app will ask you to log in again. If you are changing important contact details like e-mail oder phone number you’ll be informed immediately – if it wasn’t you who did the changes, you can block your account with just one click.

About cashpresso

cashpresso works like the overdraft on your bank account. Once registered, you have access to as much as € 1,500.00 and there are no fixed costs or fees. We only charge an interest rate of 14.99% on the amount you actually borrow. There are various repayment models. Just try cashpresso – the first 30 days are completely free.