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Credit Calculator

Use our cashpresso credit calculator and see how the duration and interest rates change with the different repayment options. On the left you can choose the amount of your loan. On the right you can adjust the amount of your installments individually and then you can check how much interest you have to pay and how much the total amount is.

{{amount | currency:'EUR':true:'1.0'}}
€ 20.00
€ 1,500.00
{{paybackRate | currency:'EUR':true:'1.0'}}
Min. info
info {{amount | currency:'EUR':true:'1.0'}}
€ 0
Fixed costs
Effective interest
{{paymentPlan?.duration}} Months
{{paymentPlan?.totalAmount | currency:'EUR':true:'1.2-2'}}
Total Amount
{{paymentPlan?.getInterestAmount() | currency:'EUR':true:'1.2-2'}}
Total Interest
Example: € 1,000 disbursement amount, 14.99% effective interest rate p.a., 13.99% interest rate p.a., monthly rate € 100, total amount € 1.032,46, term 11 months

Easy to calculate

Using the cashpresso credit calculator, you can easily calculate your own credit. Choose any credit line between € 1 and € 1,500.00 and set your install rate. With the credit of cashpresso there is no predetermined run time, this you determine by yourself. The change of the installment rate also changes the run time. The higher your monthly installment rebate, the shorter your credit expiration and the lower your monthly repayment, the longer your credit expiration. Our credit calculator also shows you how much interest you have to pay for the amount you need. This also results in the amount of your credit. The calculator gives you an overview – try our calculator now!

Conditions of the cashpresso credit

You can use up to € 1,500.00 while you only pay interest if you actually pay out money. The rates are payable monthly, but you can choose the amount of your repayment individually. The only condition is that you have to pay monthly 5% of the outstanding amount (at least € 20.00). The costs of your credit line are limited to interest only. At cashpresso you do not pay any processing, account opening, or account management fees. In addition, SEPA transfers, changes in repayment and early repayment are free of charge for you. The table gives you an overview of the conditions of the cashpresso credit line. More details about the conditions can be found here.

Overview of conditions

Line of credit€ 1 – € 1,500.00
Terms of contractunlimited (option to terminate at any time)
Payment due datemonthly
Minimal repayment per months5% of outstanding amount (at least € 20.00)
1 month of free trial30 days free trial
cashpresso accountfor free
Additional costsnone
Terminationanytime and free of charge

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About cashpresso

cashpresso works like the overdraft on your bank account. Once registered, you have access to as much as € 1,500.00 and there are no fixed costs or fees. We only charge an interest rate of 14.99% on the amount you actually borrow. There are various repayment models. Just try cashpresso – the first 30 days are completely free.